Another gorgeous styled shoot today! This one was photographed by the lovely Katie Rogers at Pangdean Barn in Brighton. The whole shoot is styled beautifully but my favourite are definitely the dresses!

With a background in psychology, Natalie at The Elysian Styling Company was inspired to create wedding packages based on the four seasons, connecting psychological profiles that suit each season; designing a personal wedding experience that touches on all the detail of a wedding.

For this shoot Natalie wanted to base it on the Spring personality. The Spring personality is warm and fun to be around. Natalie reflected these traits in the decor by including complimentary, bright but not overly bold colours.

Springs are excellent communicators and lovers of clarity and simplicit which is why glass and acrylic were important features in this shoot.

The Spring personality is often described as spontaneous, proactive and forward thinking. They are drawn to light, bright, warm colours tha have a softness and delicacy about them. Therefore, Natalie wanted to ensure we used a real LGTBQ+ couple, to really reflect the authenticity of the love they share.

Textures are smooth or and have a slight sparkle or shimmer to them, anything that glints in the light is also perfect for them. Which is why youʼll see that the colour palette include just enough gold to reflect thi trait.

Patterns will be ditsy and again, have a lightness of quality about them The flower design placemat was a perfect choice for this quality. Sprin florals were also incorporated to the table design, and dresses chosen with floral embroidery.

Springs donʼt take themselves too seriously, so Natalie asked Katie to get a shot of the models sharing a bite of the lovely white chocolate favours.

The Spring wedding story begins with an intimate ceremony with

candles and a floral decorated hexagon, before moving to a garden reception.

All in all, the Spring personality is creative, inspirational, bursting with energy and full of life.