If working with couples planning weddings for 15 years has taught me anything, it’s where their priorities lie in the planning process. It’s not always where you think!
DJ’s come before Rings and photo booths come before vows and whilst these things are fun elements to your wedding, they might not make lasting memories.
You’ve probably come so far already in your journey as a couple, you deserve to have your story told on the one day you’ve chosen to pledge and promise your commitment to each other.
You probably won’t be wearing some outfit so why settle for a run of the mill standardised ceremony??
Choosing a celebrant lead ceremony (over a registrar) is the gift that keeps on giving as choice is exactly what you get!
You can have your ceremony anywhere! I do not require a licenced venue.
We can celebrate outside!! I do not require a solid structure.(maybe just a brolly!)
You can add a religious/spiritual element if you’d like or none at all.
When your day comes, your celebrant will be a friendly familiar face, not a stranger.
A celebrant will save the whole day just for you, no revolving door weddings here!
Want to involve your family, kids, pets? No problem!
There are so many fun wedding rituals if you so choose. We could even make one up just for you!
How do you want your ceremony to feel? Romantic? funny? Upbeat?
Would you like there to be a theme? With a celebrant the possibilities are endless.
Celebrating you is literally our job description and we know that variety is the spice of life!!
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