This beautiful Autumn is the forth styled workshop to come from My Prettiest Workshops and the creative mind of Planner & Stylist, My Pretties UK.
    With this design I wanted to create really cosy but vibrant vibes at this incredible venue in North Yorkshire. The Oakwood at Ryther is a purpose built, luxury barn venue that offers couples luxury accommodation and not one but two beautiful barns to celebrate in.


    Today I’m sharing a lovely barn wedding styled shoot planned, photographed and sent to GWB by Nicki of FJS Photography.


    This shoot was styled to be the epitome of rustic glamour, with warm tones and beautiful florals complimenting a beautiful rustic barn venue, complete with black cladding and a jetty over a lake. The couple were incredible, and looked sensational in gowns which complimented each other beautifully. The entire shoot was enchanting, with a stunning colour scheme and fantastic hard work by all the suppliers involved.


    Today we have a very modern styled shoot with some amazing florals photographed by Esme Whiteside.

    This is real couple Sam and Adam at countryside wedding venue Bashall Barn in the North West. We wanted something really stylish, but still relaxed and inspiring.
    We opted for a more colourful suit for Sam, paired with a floral shirt and something more formal and elegant for Adam, to suit their personalities.


    Another gorgeous styled shoot today! This one was photographed by the lovely Katie Rogers at Pangdean Barn in Brighton. The whole shoot is styled beautifully but my favourite are definitely the dresses!

    With a background in psychology, Natalie at The Elysian Styling Company was inspired to create wedding packages based on the four seasons, connecting psychological profiles that suit each season; designing a personal wedding experience that touches on all the detail of a wedding.


    This past year due to reasons we all know there wasn’t many weddings to photograph however wedding suppliers who suddenly had plenty of time organised plenty of gorgeous styled shoots and workshops. So be ready for plenty of gorgeous inspiration coming!

    Today let’s enjoy a beautiful shoot from a workshop photographed and sent over by Jenna Kathleen.

    This pop up workshop organised and hosted by My Prettiest Workshops is all about embracing the changes we’ve had to make as a result of Covid-19’s impact on the wedding world this year.


    Let’s elope and get married on the beach! – not a bad idea is it? This lovely shoot was organised and sent to us by Katrina Matthews Photography. Check out pictures from this lovely beach wedding picnic and read the story behind the shoot.

    This beach elopement shoot meant to take place back in March but when the pandemic took us into lock down we rescheduled the shoot and our original idea took on an even more significant meaning. With the new rules and restrictions around weddings in 2020 we wanted our shoot to show a fun and beautiful alternative way to tie the knot. We started the day in a quirky little Airbnb in Worthing where our gorgeous couple got ready together and then we headed down to the beach for some fun.

  • STYLED SHOOT: Magical Rainbow Babe

    The editorial of the Magical Rainbow Babe was dreamed by me, Lea of Leuska Design. I pulled together a team from UK and Hungary to organize a styled shoot. The vision of the shoot was to highlight something not traditional. As a lesbian, I wanted to make something for the LGBTQ+ family.

    With this photoshoot, we wanted to show to couples, that they donʼt have to fit in with societyʼs wedding expectations. The wedding is all about the couple. If they donʼt feel that they need to have a big wedding and they just want to elope than that’s fine. If the bride/brides donʼt want to have a white dress then they don’t have to. The most important thing is that they love each other. Some of my couples changed their wedding invitation designs, decoration, dresses etc. because they were afraid of what others would say. Or precisely because the family members wanted to design their wedding. But there is one thing I always try to tell to couples. The wedding is about them, not about friends and family members. I know and I understand that telling your loved ones to “Back off it’s my wedding!” is not easy at all.

  • STYLED SHOOT: I Believe in Pink

    Todays shoot was photographed and sent to GWB by Meggy Mac Photography.

    Hannah from the Giraffe Shed and Esme Whiteside Photography came up with the concept and planning for the shoot. The inspiration for the I Believe In Pink theme was using the colour and aesthetics of the Giraffe Shed venue to create an alternative and feminine look.

    Stylist Luna and the Lane added pops of yellow and spearmint to our colour board which was used throughout the stationary, cake, and props.
    Emma Cox Floristry came and created pure magic with a flower cloud, flower disco ball and magical meadows around the furniture. Miss Havishams cakes created the most amazing kitsch masterpiece with its very own tier of pompoms and flamingos. The brief from Hannah at the Giraffe Shed was if you think it’s too pink, add more pink!


    Today we are giving you the most beautiful styled shoot that came to us from Greece. It was planned and styled by Fondo Special Occasions who shared the inspiration behind the shoot. Wonderful photography is by Polka Dot Photojournalism.

    “Her eyes are pure stars, and her fingers, if they touch you, freeze you to the bone” – Virginia Woolf

    The concept of love is something universal. The people we choose to love and create memories with, do not understand borders, forms and social conventions. Love is love. 

    Fondo Special Occasions underlines how the choices and manifestations of love can be elegant, beautiful and memorable. This editorial photoshoot takes inspiration from the love story of two historic women, Virginia Woolf and her lover Vita Sackville-West. The whole set up and art direction, has a vintage feeling, a ghostlike aesthetic, it’s an ode to the romantic past with a modern twist.