These two lovely gentlemen planned a fantastic elegant and modern Indian wedding in London. I absolutely love all the colours!


    We met through Grindr, the dating app. We went for a drink and a vegetarian meal after discovering how much we had in common. We are both first-generation British Indians and practicing Hindus. Our grandmothers were good friends and, as children, we attended the same ceremonies and weddings. It felt like fate!


    We wanted to incorporate our Indian heritage into the design of the wedding, however wanted to ensure it was executed in a modern and stylish way. Therefore our theme was regal with pops of colour. The majestic Main Hall at Banqueting House was the perfect backdrop to incorporate elements of majestic India. The drinks reception resembled luxury palaces of Rajasthan with gold guilted poseur tables and bar stools accompanied by Great Hire’s Santa Monica furniture with bright cushions and stunning Jewel tone florals by Simon Lycett. The Main Hall was split in half by parasols which enhanced the vibrant Indian theme. 

    At dinner, the colour-pop theme continued. Contrasting use of light grey linen, gold & grey chandelle chairs with mirror tops was the base for the explosion of colour with different napkin colours placed around the table, accompanied by high and low arrangements in rich and regal shades to compliment the Rubens ceiling. Each guest also received a personalised gold mirror acrylic name place created using our monogram design. 

    Often it’s the biggest challenge finding the right suppliers for your wedding. From the caterers and florist to production and the choice of entertainment, the palace has an accredited list of suppliers which made it very easy for us to choose. The chosen caterer was flexible in creating a bespoke Indian menu, Simon Lycett our florist totally understood and delivered our vision and we could trust them all to manage all elements of the day.

    Wise Productions projected our monogram on the palace walls and created floor plans and lighting design for our party.


    I’m obsessed. When girls emailed me about a week before their wedding I honestly did a little happy dance knowing this is going to be something special. And they are just the coolest.
    Lindsey and Bri were scheduled to have their dream wedding on April 10, 2020, but COVID-19 changed their plans. While many have postponed their ceremonies to next year, they have decided to broadcast their nuptials to friends and family from Doc’s Drive-In Theater later that month.
    Today we have pictures and the entire story told by brides just a couple of days after the wedding!


    BRI: “We met on a lesbian dating app called HER. Being a mother of a toddler i knew meeting someone organically at the grocery store would be merely impossible. And since I didn’t go out much due to my being a 29-year old single mom, finding a partner at a bar didn’t seem ideal either. I decided to casually download an app called HER to see what this whole online dating scene was about. After a few awkward first (and last) dates, I luckily matched with Lindsey. A blonde-haired, green-eyed single mom of twins with the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen – and someone who desperately HATES mayonnaise (according to her profile) – had no intentions of getting married, having more kids, or casually hooking up. I found myself captivated yet skeptical.

    Within 12 hours of the initial match, I asked her on our first date which just so happened to be her birthday. It was the middle of June in 2018. i asked her to an outdoor concert where we drank red wine, had deep conversations, lots of laughter, and a divine connection. I knew that night she was my person. It only took me 3 days to ask her to be my girlfriend, 5 days to tell her i loved her (in true lesbian fashion), 1 year to move in together, 13 months to propose to her, and less than two years to marry her.” 

    LINDSEY: “One in the summer of 2018, I’d had some wine. I somehow convinced my neighbor to come over and hang out with me so i wouldn’t  technically be drinking alone while the kiddos slept upstairs. After a few more glasses of wine, my neighbor gently persuaded me to give in to the world of online dating. Against my better judgment that was not present at that time, I created a profile on a dating app called HER. For two days, I would begrudgingly scroll and wince. Online dating or dating in general was not my thing. Nor did i want it to be. Apps are hard. But then the night before my birthday, I saw the most enchanting woman I’d EVER laid my eyes on. She was photographed In front of a green wall that happened to be my favorite shade of green, sitting cross-legged like the modern bad ass woman she is. I instantly thought ‘I dont know what a catfish really is, but I feel like this is that.’ However, i couldn’t keep myself from scrolling through more of her photos. She had the kindest, most beautiful brown eyes and I could see her loving heart through all her photos. Plus she was wearing the sexiest Open-road Stetson hat I’d ever seen.

    I knew I had to bring my A-game with this one. So i swiped right, after calling my neighbor to confirm the correct direction of swiping, and sent Bri a witty message that I hoped would LAND. And land.. it… did. I was 100% myself and Figured i had nothing to lose. We started our text conversation at 6am the morning of my birthday. And by 6pm that evening, I was picking her up for our first date. That night will forever be etched in my mind and heart. We were supposedly attending a concert, but I don’t remember one note that was sang or song that was played. I never believed in love at first sight until that evening. I tried to play it cool, but after hours of profound conversation, I found myself looking deep into her soul and saying ‘You are worthy. I see you. And I honor you. I respect you.’ WTF?! What had gotten into me? LOVE… I even said out loud ‘I’m in trouble.’ As the night came to an end and we parted ways, later that night we deactivated our HER accounts permanently. And we’ve been getting lost in each other ever since. Best birthday present EVER.”


    We had ALL the plans. In fact, we booked our wedding date and venue before we were even engaged. Lindsey bought her dress the day before Bri proposed, unbeknownst to her. Pre-Rona, here’s what our dream wedding was supposed to look like: 

    We were going to get married at a historic downtown Austin antique/boutique mansion called Hotel Ella on 4-10-20 aka Good Friday, because nothing says He is Risen like a good ol’ lesbian wedding. We had everything planned to a T…. The details included Gorgeous place settings, elegant linens and china, Delicious salmon/hangar steak dinner, paired with delicious wine, tasty canapés, And a menu that would make your toes curl. We had intention behind every single detail of our wedding. Not to mention hand-spun cotton candy, a carefully curated playlist for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, Dried bridal bouquets with hints of Bri’s favorite wildflowers, and the perfect arrangement of floral centerpieces.

    Every moment, every experience, every second had a purpose and profound meaning, which couldn’t have happened without the support of a team of experts collaborating with the same vision. Even as i type this, I can think of every moment since we’d spent months and months dreaming of our 10-04-20. By February, Almost every bit of the wedding planning had been completed which enabled us to spend the last few weeks of our engagement dreaming of the perfection of our day – but more importantly, the beauty of our love and marriage.  

    Meanwhile, we kept hearing more and more about this epidemic that was slowly but fiercely making its way across various parts of the world. Our anxiety continued to build with the anticipation that our day might be in jeopardy. But we held onto hope, believing that nothing would get in the way of our dream. Then, while Bri was cooking dinner for our 3 kids and i was nerding out on research about The coronavirus, I found the official Shelter-in-place Order for the city of Austin on March 25th. As I read the order and looked into it further, reality slowly began to sink in. 10-04-20 would in fact NOT be our day. I told Bri and the kids over dinner and we all reacted and responded in our own unique ways. Though we completely agreed with the order and wanted to do whatever we could to keep people safe and flatten the curve, we also selfishly wanted all of our planning and hoping and dreaming to not all be for not.  


    The days following the official order which banned all gatherings of more than 10 people, were filled with a major case of the fuckitts. We were shocked and deeply grieved by the state of the world, the pain and loss that this virus was having on us and millions of other people, and found ourselves frozen without any ability to pivot gracefully. We did what any other strong, resilient lesbian couple might do in our situation: we started eating our feelings. Once we finally realized we had to come up with a plan B, our attempts at finding a new date began – all of which failed miserably.

  • WEDDING TRENDS 2020/2021

    It’s been a while since we wrote about wedding trends and I think it’s a great moment to take a look at what is in right now. The wonderful wedding planner and stylist Valentina of The Stars Inside who’s got an impeccable taste and gorgeous style dives deep into wedding trends that emerge in the industry this season. Pictures are form a shoot that was styled by Valentina and beautifully photographed by Maja Tsolo.

    Bride holding tan shoes - Wedding Trends analysis by The Stars Inside
    Dried wedding flowers on a chair - Wedding Trends analysis by The Stars Inside

    Hello friends! Thank you for taking the time to join me for this blog post – today I want to talk about wedding trends, including what I’m seeing for this new decade and advice on how to embrace (or let go of) trends in a mindful way.

    I always encourage my couples to start from a blank canvas – and to use their own personal passions, quirks, and experiences as the palette to bring their own design concept to life. I send them a questionnaire that helps me to get to know their style and their vibe, and which also encourages them to think about ways to make their celebrations luxurious in a way that is meaningful and unique to them. I’m all for surrounding ourselves with beauty, all day, every day – but I also believe in doing it with intention, and bringing together spaces and people with thoughtfulness. 

    Bride in a veil - Wedding Trends analysis by The Stars Inside
    Bride holding fried flowers - Wedding Trends analysis by The Stars Inside

    So where do trends fit within that framework? For me, trends can be helpful inasmuch as they give couples a vocabulary for describing the things they love, and inspire them to think of new, creative ways to express themselves. I love the way ideas from fashion, interior decor, and art echo through wedding design, and it’s awesome to see those movements get reinvented by couples with big imaginations and an epic vision.

    On the other hand, wedding trends can sometimes feel a bit restrictive for couples that feel like their own visual identity isn’t “in” or “trendy”. I never want brides or grooms to think they need to fit within the boxes of what’s currently on Pinterest or on social media, or that the ideas they are so lovingly excited about might be wrong or outdated. That’s why I never like to talk about wedding trends that are “in” or “out” – it doesn’t feel right, to me, to pass judgement on what couples do or don’t want for their celebration.

    Ultimately, it’s all about telling their story in the way that feels most personal, unique, and meaningful to them, and I will always champion their right to do that whether their aesthetic is in fashion or not. I am here to help them elevate, modernise, and embrace whatever it is that they resonate with, and make it authentic to them – I want them to feel like their wedding venue was made for them, and I want the styling to make their guests walk away at the end of the night feeling like they know and love the couple even more deeply than they already did. 

    OK! So with those caveats in place, let’s talk about what I’m excited to see more couples exploring in this new decade. Here is a pick of my favourite things that have been lighting up the wedding world in a thoroughly modern way.

    Bride and a wedding cake - Wedding Trends analysis by The Stars Inside

    weddings and covid-19 advice blog post banner

    Hello dear friends!
    We all might be totally sick of this topic, but I couldn’t just go on and post weddings and shoots without mentioning it. This pandemic changed our lives, and weddings might be just one part of it, but so important especially for couples that are in the process of planning their big day. And that is most of you visiting this blog.

    It also caused a total chaos in the industry, however also showed how amazing and united it is, and how much love and compassion is there. Wedding suppliers are all actively working to help couples and each other to make sure weddings go ahead when are allowed to again, and to minimise stress for their couples in the time of transition.


    If you follow this blog regularly you know by now I’m a total sucker for urban scapes and love street art. It;s always an amazing backdrop for a couple shoot. These two gorgeous and totally badass women were beautifully photographed on streets of London by talented Jo of Joasis Photography. And Rachael tells us their story.


    Myself & Francesca met through our work as police officers in London. Believe it or not Francesca was my mentor for the TSG- riot police! We used to have to do circuits together at the beginning of the shift to keep fit for our physically demanding role. She used to wear these fairly short pink gym shorts, she certainly got my attention! We kept it professional for a short while but on a work night out Francesca finally plucked up the courage to kiss me, we’ve hardly spent a day apart since, although we do now both work in different departments in the Police so I no longer get to see those short shorts on a daily basis ;)