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This very original shot was sent by the photographer Nelly Naylor. Last winter she did a magical Beauty and The Beast shoot with Tony and Emily. 

On Saturday 16th December 2017, I created a fairytale adventure for one charming and very special couple. The photos were taken at Surprise View in the Sheffield Peak District as I felt it was very fitting for the couples miraculous Beauty and the Beast outfits. I also caught up with them to find out more about their adventures together so far and how they came to meet.

Gay Wedding Blog - Cosplay Engagement Shoot Gay Wedding Blog - Cosplay Engagement Shoot Gay Wedding Blog - Cosplay Engagement Shoot

When did you meet and how long have you been together?

We met in 2012 during Comic Con in London, we’ve enjoyed five enchanting years together but have been engaged for two. Tony proposed last Christmas!

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Wedding planning advice: Nineteen (!) reasons to book a professional DJ

Think you can sort out music for your wedding with an iPad and Spotify? Our friends from RedLine DJs will give you 19 reasons you should re-think it and get yourself a real DJ. 

Almost all soon-to-be-newlyweds have been there: you’ve been planning the wedding for months, if not years.
The cake’s been taste tested by the entire family, the dress has been fitted (three times), the canapés and wedding breakfast confirmed and your dad has already done the booze cruise to Calais (obviously you’ll have bought five times as much as you need, and will be drinking that bottle of ‘wedding day red’ until 2020). You’ve just about recovered from your stag or hen weekends, and virtually everything has been organised apart from one crucial thing: the music.

At this stage of the planning – with costs snowballing and budgets squeezed – one question is inevitable. Do you really need to spend money on a professional wedding DJ? We all know how to make a good party playlist on spotify, right?!

Wrong! Skimping on your dj is a fast-track to an empty dance floor, and here are some of the reasons why you should book a professional wedding dj.

  1. Weddings are a special day and they require specialists

You want your wedding day to be perfect in every single way.  It’s why you spend hours making sure your wedding breakfast menu is just right, rather than just asking your local chippy to supply some battered sausage and chips (nan would never approve).

Regardless of how much we love fish and chips, the point still stands – the best weddings are all about employing the best people to do each specialist job. Your DJ should be seen not just as the provider of music but also as your evening reception specialist – get the right one and your night will be one to remember, get the wrong one and it could be one to forget.  After all, no-one wants an accidental YMCA as their first dance.

  1. Professional DJs know how to build – and keep – a dancefloor

People like to think that being a DJ is easy. After all, isn’t it just playing good songs?! Not really. Everyone will have a story of a DJ that completely messed up that wedding, party, or club night.

DJing a wedding is a much harder job than it appears.  But the best DJs are able to pull together all of your song and genre requests and mix them in with the inevitable requests from your guests. They are able to use their experience to add their own selections, successfully keep a broad cross-section of people happy for the entire night and most importantly, they know how to build a dance floor and keep them there ‘til the very last bars of New York, New York.

  1. Professionals are invested in their own business, and you

The professional wedding DJ cares about their business – every single client is important to them because word-of-mouth both online and in person counts for everything. They are therefore highly motivated to provide a superior level of customer service and attention to detail to ensure that they are recommended and reviewed in glowing terms.

In the case of amateur DJs, the opposite is often true – you are likely to be dealing with someone without a business name, their own website and an online presence.  With so little motivation for them to treat you with the care you deserve, do you trust them to handle something as important as your wedding day?

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Photographer Larissa Joice shared this lovely wedding in a gorgeous Headington Hill Hall with us. She also asked Bev and Alex to tell us more about their bog day. 

Tell us your story

We met through sport and mutual friends in Oxford. Alex proposed to me on a dog walk in South Park which is my favourite place in Oxford, and you can see it from where we eventually got married!
We were engaged for nearly 1.5 years and we’ve been together for nearly 7 years now. We had to wait a while to live together as Alex went back to Uni to do another degree, but we got there in the end! Once she got a job after uni we moved from Oxford to Birmingham, but went back to Oxford to get married!

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