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This wedding makes me miss summer, sunshine, and green trees.. Oh how much would I give to be sitting by the lake now… Charlotte and Sharon had an amazing wedding with lots of sunshine and the gorgeous scenery of Loch Ard.


Through a friend whilst on rugby tour at the Magaluf beach.


The main thing that we wanted from our wedding location was to get married by the water, whether that was on a beach or next to a loch. The second thing that we wanted was to be able to get married outside (British weather permitting). Charlie found Altskeith Country House while recovering from a broken ankle and it ticked all of the boxes and more for us. Firstly it was on the side of Loch Ard, secondly it had several stunning outside options to get married and thirdly it had the most stunning views across the loch with Ben Lomond in the background. When we went to view the house over the Christmas holidays in 2015 we knew instantly that it was where we wanted to get married. Charlie was grinning from ear to ear before we even got out of the car and saw the inside of the house. We were also very fortunate that the owners, Alison and Yas, were so welcoming and made us feel at ease straight away. They were so proud of the transformation they had made to the house and that they could share it with couples like us who wanted a dream location for their wedding day. The final bonus was that as the house was in Scotland we could legally get married outside if the weather was on our side on the day.

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STYLED SHOOT: Whimsical bohemian inspiration

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Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day!!! Now when you’re all full of love and chocolate, we wanted to share something really beautiful with you. Photographer Kirsty Mackenzie sent us this gorgeous shoot she shot, styled by Bow & Beau. The stylist tells us about the inspiration behind this shoot and wedding suppliers involved.

Our aim for the shoot was to bring in quirky and unconventional features to an otherwise relaxed, outdoorsy, woodland wedding setting: a cool whimsical shoot for the alternative bride. We also wanted to promote a same sex, quite relaxed and natural shoot.

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Look at these guys! We absolutely love their wedding and pictures shot during their walk in South Bank, they are hilarious. Take a look at pictures taken by Rhapsody Road Photography, and read what they told us about their big day.


We met each other on the Worldwide web! It was New Years Day 2011, we chatted online and decided to meet that evening. The rest is history! We started dating straight away and I, David, moved in with Pete on April Fools day 2011!

In November 2012 we went to Australia to meet Pete’s family who live in the Hunter Valley area of New South Wales. We arranged an additional trip to visit the Great Barrier Reef. To my surprise, Pete proposed at a waterfall inside the rainforest in Queensland-just the two of us. It was super romantic and amazing.

We chose shoes by Crocket & Jones because we wanted high quality goodyear welted men’s footwear and it does not get better than this.
We picked shoes shaped the same but I had lace ups and Pete chose buckles so they did not look identical even though we knew they were the same shape.

Our personalized cuff links were from Links of London. David’s were engraved D&P and Pete’s P&D. We had the same engraving inside our wedding rings along with ‘May 2017’

Finding straightforward high quality men’s wedding bands was harder than we thought. Wedding jewellery seems to be all about the ladies!  A friend recommended Ritz Fine Jewellery and the service they provided was second to none and made both grooms feel like brides!

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Wedding planning advice: Trends and themes that will dominate the UK wedding scene in 2018

We are all about being your self and organising a wedding exactly the way you want it, no matter what magazines or blogs say. However inspiration is a wonderful thing and we will always do our best to show you what is out there to spark a bit of creativity.
What if you have a venue, want your wedding to be beautiful but have absolutely no designer skills? Then quickly get yourself a stylist – like our guest author today – Chenai of by Chenai . She prepared for you a round up of what will light up the 2018 wedding scene from fashion style to venue selection. We hope it will give you some amazing new ideas (we are loving these grazing tables!!).

Whilst it’s always important for personal style to dictate your wedding planning and styling decisions, we can’t ignore the influence that art, design, and fashion play on the choices we made in society & culture. With this in mind, here’s my big 8 themes for 2018 weddings.

The Grazing Table

It genuinely surprises me that this has yet to permeate wedding culture in Britain. No, really, I mean it. Australia has been ahead of the curve on this front as evidenced by the number of platter companies offering the service. The beauty of the grazing table is that it lends itself  to an informal setting and when styled creatively and (depending on size and scale) is an  affordable option for feeding  guests. It can be a show stopper between acts, instead of canapes between ceremony and reception for example and thanks to likes of Grape and Fig, the first platter company in the UK, I guarantee you, many a summer and outdoor wedding will feature grazing tables next year.

Photo from Grape and Fig


Royal Wedding Style

Unless you’ve been living under a  very large rock, you can’t have missed the engagement news of our favourite royal, Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. Every single detail from her dress to who will serve has her bridesmaids has been written about in blogs in publications everywhere but undoubtedly the so called  ‘Meghan Markle ‘ effect will influence bridal style from Spring 2018 onwards.


Unconventional venues

Village Hall? Check. A field at the back of your dad’s friend’s neighbours house? Check. A cosy pub? Check. Railway arches? Check.
You get  the picture. Traditional venues often satisfy the requirements of lovely views, gardens or rooms and make for wonderful photos. However, great value and flexibility is to be found in non traditional spaces. Increasingly, couples are getting bolder in their thinking where venue search is concerned and and as long as it has basic facilities, you know like electricity and running water (or at least  access to) we’ll continue to see couples opting for everything but the country manor house.

Image from

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Gay Wedding Blog Venice elopement

Today we’re going for a walk in Venice with Alberto and Lorenzo. Photographs shared with us by Duepunti Wedding Photography.

Gay Wedding Blog Venice elopement Gay Wedding Blog Venice elopement Gay Wedding Blog Venice elopement


Alberto: I live and work in Lugano in my hairdressing salon, and Lorenzo is from Parma, a city in the heart of Italy. We meet the fist time on September during a Disco party with friends in Verona (city of lovers… was it be a chance?).
I was a staff member and my rope was door selection. Lorenzo, after saw me nearby entrance, worked up the nerve and engaged me during party and so we spent together the rest of the night.
After a while without some together time for our respective work reasons, we had another meeting and we finally fall in love.
Now Lorenzo has came to live here in Lugano with me and we’re looking for a more spacious house where live with the our “furry sons”, two chihuahua dogs named Pedro and Oscar. Now our aim is to have their first holiday together, marked with relax.. but maybe not to much!

Gay Wedding Blog Venice elopement Gay Wedding Blog Venice elopement Gay Wedding Blog Venice elopement

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STYLED SHOOT: I kissed a girl and I eloped – a wedding in Gran Canaria

Days are getting shorter and darker here in UK, so today we’re bringing you lots of colour, sunshine and laughter. And a little both of witch vibe ;). Carolina who is a wedding planner specialising in Gran Canaria weddings sent us this fun shoot she organised and shared the concept behind it.

My name is Carolina and I am starting my business as an alternative and LGBTQ Wedding Planner in Madrid and Gran Canaria.
Everything bridal related is still quite traditional here, and a lot of people think that getting married means being the center of attention of a very formal event that has nothing to do with them. For most of them the first image that crosses their mind is a Catholic Church Wedding so they kind of get scared off. This makes me sad, because they think they can’t have a special day.
What really gets me excited is the change in their faces when I explain that getting married doesn’t have to be like that.

I believe a wedding is about a couple that love each other, that have a unique relationship and deserve a unique celebration. I ask them what they’re passionate about, how they met, what it is that they reallly love and have in common and start designing from there.

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Wedding planning advice: 10 Things to consider while choosing LGBTQ+ wedding rings

Photo: Royalty free from Equalli

Choosing you wedding rings is a big decision. To help you, today we have some advice from Roland Dean of Equalli – a company specialising in beautiful and high quality jewellery, serving LGBTQ+ community. 

Love is a wonderful feeling and it’s only natural to want to celebrate it by making an official engagement. And what better way of saying I love you to the person next to you than with a beautiful wedding ring?

Even more, due to the legalization of same-sex marriages in so many countries across the globe, nowadays everyone has the possibility to freely celebrate their feelings. However, this freedom didn’t bring too much change in jewelry stores and there are not that many brands to consider the needs of a same-sex couple.

This is why we put together a short guide to help you out.

1. Choosing the style

With traditional man and woman weddings, the style is clear: the man gets a thick band while the woman can choose something more delicate and refined. However, with LGBT wedding rings, the options are limitless.

For instance, some couples decide to choose completely different styles, but with a unifying element. This way, both partners show they are unique, but united by their love for each other.

2. Wedding band or engagement ring?

This is a choice you’ll have to make, but there is also the option of going with a matching set. This means that you can get a wedding band and the matching engagement ring and decide who wears the one and who the other.

3. Matching rings or not

This is a legit question and it shows up in both heterosexual and LGBT couples. The answer is no, there is no rule that says the rings must match. It’s just a tradition that was designed to allow people around to identify you as a married couple. Continue Reading


Gay Wedding Blog UK Birmingham

This shoot was shared with us by Philip Dignum, a Midlands based photographer. He photographed Gemma and Faye in Birmingham using street art as a colourful backdrop. Look at these happy faces! Gemma tells us a bit of their story too. 

Gay Wedding Blog UK Birmingham Gay Wedding Blog UK Birmingham

Gemma: We met thanks to a mutual friends refusal to accept that I didn’t want to go on a blind date. Our friend had worked out long before we did that we were perfect for each other, but being ever so slightly stubborn, I declared I was happy being single. Thankfully, said friend completely ignored me and engineered a meeting that neither of us were privy to. It pains me to admit that she was totally right and it we hit it off immediately. We both knew pretty soon after that it was the real thing.

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STYLED SHOOT: Wall flowers

Flowers in beards! This is not a drill! Flowers in beards and Wes Anderson! 
Today we have an amazing styled shoot featuring Brian and Jonathan from The Gay Beards shot and shared with us by Sarah of Hazelwood PhotoEnjoy this styling masterpiece!

The designer of the shoot, Something Borrowed PDX, said:

Our initial inspiration for this shoot was Wes Anderson. We love the styling of his films — specifically the vivid color palettes, the symmetry of the scenes, all the rich textures, memorable characters, and playful details. The fresh spring color palette included vivid teal blue, bubble gum pink, mustard and tan, which contrasted nicely with the all the greenery and dark wood furniture. We chose to use flowers sparingly. Instead, Wildflower PDX incorporated lots of interesting potted plants, tropical foliage, and locally foraged moss, mushrooms and ferns.

The Gay Beards wore casual looks that were a mix of vintage and vintage-inspired designer pieces. Their beard bouquets consisted of snap dragons, angel wing begonia leaves, seeded eucalyptus, carnations, straw flowers, ferns, mushrooms, and vintage wooden daisies. They also adorned their beards with vintage buttons and confetti for a few of the shots!

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This wedding was shared with us by Kate and Becky’s amazing photographer – Anete Lusina of Lusina photography
The details of this wedding are amazing – we absolutely love the typing machines, seating plan and all the foliage! Such a wonderful day. 

Kate and Becky met in Beijing, currently live in Cambodia and got married in Nottinghamshire.

We got married at The Pumping House, which is a beautiful converted pumping station on the edge of Sherwood Forest.
Jo (the Venue Manager) was incredible. Very organized and just lovely.

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