If you ask me there is no better place for a wedding full of sunshine and music than Spain! Andy and George aka GANDY organised a three day fest for their friends and family. 


    We met the old fashioned way – in a bar on a night out, 7 years ago. There were two proposals – Andy proposed to George in New York, then George proposed to Andy back in London.


    Wedding dress shopping can be an exciting and bewildering experience, particularly for the first-time bride. To make it less overwhelming, our friends at Andrea Hawkes put together an essential guide to wedding dress shopping, so you know where to start and what to consider.

    Where do you start?

    Before you start creating a mood board of all the dress designs you love, it’s important to put a plan in action. First things first, when should you start shopping for a wedding dress and how much should you budget for? Money and time frame are the two factors which will affect the rest of your wedding dress shopping experience, so figuring out the answer to these questions is a crucial first step.  

    Setting a price

    Wedding dresses can vary a lot in price, depending on what is important to you. If you want to buy a simple white dress from a high-street retailer, then it can cost you as little as £70, but these types of dresses are not created with the same level of quality and attention to detail as professionally designed bridal dresses. For bespoke, specially-created gowns that are made just for you, you’re looking closer to £10,000. For expertly designed, ready-to-wear and made-to-measure dresses from bridal boutiques and designers, it’s more likely to be in the range of £1,500 to £4,000.

    As there are a lot of other costs when it comes to planning a wedding aside from your dress, it’s a good idea to agree on a dress budget with your fiancé. This will help you decide whether you are going to go for a standard size dress, a made-to-measure gown or a completely bespoke design. Don’t forget to allow some wiggle room for dress alterations, your shoes, bridal lingerie and any wedding dress accessories that you might want to include in your bridal outfit. However, it is normal for brides to spend more than they had originally planned, so don’t worry if you slightly exceed your dress budget!


    When should you start shopping for a wedding dress? You might be surprised to learn that finding your perfect dress can take almost as long as planning for the rest of your wedding! To complete an order, it normally takes bridal boutiques between six to eight months to make a dress, even if you are choosing a ready-to-wear gown. So once you know what time of year you are planning to have your special day, work the time backwards to create your wedding dress shopping timeline. However, a shorter turn around is possible, as many dresses are created for weddings less than six months away, so don’t worry if your big day is closer round the corner.

    Keep in mind that a lot of boutiques and studios are appointments only, so it’s important to do your research into which stores you want to visit and make appointments within plenty of time. Normally, brides-to-be will have between two to five fittings, depending on whether you are going for a standard size dress, made-to-measure or a bespoke dress, and if you need any alterations made along the way.

    For made-to-measure dresses, you should aim to have your first wedding dress fitting (when you first try on your dress) around five to six months before the wedding date. Whereas for standard size dresses, you can get away with scheduling your first fitting roughly two months before your big day. For dresses that are designed from scratch (a.k.a bespoke design), you’re looking at closer to the six to eight months mark.


    I’m super excited to indtroduce a new series on the blog – supplier spotlight, where members of our Supplier Directory will tell you more about themselves and their work. Opening the series today is the wonderful photography duo Phil and Toby of The Dignums.


    Hi There! We are Phil (he/him) and Toby (he/him). We are a husband/husband team of two fun and friendly wedding photographers, based in Wolverhampton, not too far from Birmingham. We met in 2010 and got married in 2015.


    Like many wedding photographers it was a case of photographing fiends’ weddings for them. Other couples saw the photos and liked them, asked us to photograph their weddings too, and the rest as they say is history.


    It all depends on the day. When we’re not wearing our big fancy wedding photographer hats, Phil also does some graphic design work on the side, whilst Toby is also a registrar. So some days Phil will be working at his desk editing photos, and creating designs, whilst Toby is performing wedding ceremonies.


    These two handsome guys got married in Kent and had a great wedding planned and decorated with help of their friends. My favourite part is definitely the jukebox – what a fun idea for the party!


    The first contact was made on a dating app, but very quickly we felt a connection and arranged a first date. The first date took place in the Sylvan Post, a pub in an old post office. We met in front of Forest Hill Station and instantly the sparks were flying. As it was the beginning of May the weather was warm and we sat under the big tree in front of the pub and talk the whole evening. When it got cold, we went inside and spent another couple of hours chatting the night away. The evening finished with our first kiss in one of the old post office vaults.


    We always had our guests in mind when planning the wedding, the venue needed to be close to London, as Steven’s family came from Germany. We have done an extensive search and finally settled on a wedding in Kent. The Bull came up in one of our searches and also family recommended The Bull. We visited The Bull twice, before making the decision.  Our wedding coordinator, Leigh Anne was a great help right from the start.  We felt comfortable that she knew what was needed to make our wedding special.


    Style! Elegance! All the bling! The shoot that we have today is absolutely gorgeous! Read all about the wonderful team and inspiration behind it. 

    The inspiration behind this shoot is showcasing two grooms in a classical and elegant way with a modern twist with a Downton Abbey influence. We decided to use a real-life couple, Maximilian and Elie to bring the romantic feel to life. The chemistry between the two grooms was effortless and heart felt which was captured in the photos.

    Sam from Flutterbee Me Events and Poppy from The Glitzy Balloon Company are the brains behind this shoot, to bring it to life. Sam is a wedding planner and naturally coordinated the team of amazing suppliers to make the day run to schedule and on time. Her eye for detail and passion for weddings meant she assisted the photographer and suppliers in creating the perfect setup.


    Are you planning your winter wedding here’s a lovely wedding for you for an inspiration, photographed by Sam Gavins


    We actually met on Twitter, back in 2011. We followed each other for a little while, engaging in each other’s tweets; and then after a few weeks of messaging, decided we’d meet up.  We met up in Brighton, where Nic was living at the time, and hit it off straight away.  The next years flew by and here we are after getting married on our 7th anniversary.


    Ireland has a very special place in my heart and so I’m excited to share this gorgeous shoot with you! Beautifully photographed by Mairéad of Remain In Light on the Irish coast. 

    Love is love. When it comes to diversity in weddings, it doesn’t get any more special than this collaboration.

    Photographer, Mairéad first approached Indian wedding blogger, Poonam with a styled shoot concept inspired by the wild landscape of the west coast of Ireland. A popular place to elope to, it seemed perfect for the theme of forbidden love.

    It didn’t take Poonam long to fall in love with Ireland’s greenery and its Gaelic culture. After living and traveling extensively across the emerald isle, both Mairéad and Poonam were keen on capturing the beauty and heritage in an elegant same-sex elopement inspiration shoot.

    Inspired by Ireland’s vast landscape along the Wild Atlantic Way, Celtic mythology, and the recent marriage referendum vote, we handpicked wedding professionals who would complement our themes. This beautiful part of the world is evocative of Irish culture and conjures images of myths and legends. One such story in particular is that of star-crossed lovers, Deirdre and Naoise whose love is forbidden and in turn they are forced to run away.

    County Kerry is a popular place for such couples to run away and elope to. It’s a magical part of the country, with the Dingle peninsula being the most westerly point in Ireland. Many ships set sail for America and Canada from here, and descendants of those emigrants often return to their ancestral homeland seeking their own stories, some even coming back to elope.


    Hello! Since the weather here in UK hasn’t been spoiling us, here’s a bit of sunshine (and may I dare say it – hotness!) for you!
    Allesandro and Allesandro had their engagement shoot in one of their favourite places – Ibiza. 

    It was sent to us by Chiara Sernesi, a wedding planner specialising in beautiful Tuscan weddings and photographed by Laura of Laura Memory Photography.


    We both work and live in Tuscany, Italy. Ibiza holds a special place in our heart as we meet there two years ago during  summer holidays.

    We’re looking to plan a small, intimate, low key wedding in Tuscany next year.


    Today we have a very special invitation to a wedding show happening in Farnborough on 7-8 September!

    We are delighted to confirm Hitched as the headline partner for The South East Wedding Show. Owned by Immediate Media Co, they are the UK’s number one wedding planning platform.

    With a staggering 1.2 million couples turning to Hitched each month for wedding advice, ideas and inspiration – as well as being able to search through thousands of venues and suppliers by region via their extensive directory – it’s no wonder Hitched are at the top of their game in the industry. From décor inspiration through to finding the perfect entertainment, Hitched pride themselves on their ability to help people get married.

    The South East Wedding Show and Hitched make for the perfect partnership. The show, which is expected to attract up to 6,000 visitors over two days, will give attendees the chance to meet the best wedding venues and suppliers from across the South East, plus Hitched will be on hand to provide their unrivalled planning expertise.

    “We’re delighted to be headline partners for the South East Wedding Show,” says Matthew Gerry, MD of Weddings at Immediate Media Co.

    “At Hitched we are always looking for new ways to reach UK wedding couples and our partnership helps strengthen our brand in a key area of the country.”

  • Wedding planning: How to make a wedding website

    Hello, hope you’re enjoying your long weekend! Today we are talking about wedding websites. Even if it might seem like unnecessary work, wedding website can be a great resource for your guests and wonderful place to celebrate your big day. Today our friends at Hatton & Co share tips on the wedding website content.

    What should you put on your wedding website?

    Wedding websites are one of those trends that have been around for a while and most likely not going anywhere! A wedding website gives brides and grooms an easy way to communicate with the entirety of their guest list without having to call each one and talk to them individually. It saves time and the best part is it looks fantastic, so it’s bound to impress your guests. You’ll be able to keep each and every guest up-to-date and even feature a blog on there. But the big question is; what should you be putting on your website? There’s plenty of things you can include and here’s what we think you should know.

    Gay wedding blog - wedding website

    The location

    Having the location of the big day on your website is a great idea. You can even embed a map on there to show your guest what the surrounding areas look like. They’ll be able to let you know whether or not they’ll be able to get there on the day. Doing this means that they can attach the location to the calendar, so they don’t have to worry about finding the venue and panic in the morning.

    Where to stay

    Using a section telling people where they can book a room overnight is a nice little addition to the website. It’s a little convenience that shows your guest that you do actually care about them. If you haven’t booked everyone into a hotel or the venue already then this is a great idea. Doing the research for it won’t take long at all and if you call ahead and ask the surrounding hotels about possible discounts for the wedding party, they may have something for you. Letting the hotels know that with a discount, they’re guaranteed to have your guest list stay at the hotel, they’re more likely to offer the discount. It’s rare that a hotel will turn down a guaranteed guest list.

    The wedding day schedule

    Having the wedding schedule available on your wedding website will mean that you won’t have to pay the cost of printing it and sending it off to every single guest. What’s more, the fact that more or less everyone has a phone in their pocket, they’ll be able to simply go to your site and find the document instead of having to keep track of a piece of paper because let’s face it, someone will lose it.

    Contact info

    Putting your contact information on your wedding website will mean that even those that don’t have all your details. You’ll be able to direct your guests to your preferred method of contact if they have any questions. Creating an email address for your wedding will also mean that you can give these details to your vendors and organisers so that you don’t have to search through your personal emails to find them. You’re less likely to miss updates and emails from everyone.