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Today I’m taking you for a trip all the way to Australia with this lovely styled shoot from Brisbane. 

This light filled romantic styled shoot took place on the banks of the Brisbane river with real couple Fiona and Megan playing brides for the day. Created to showcase the contrast of simple pure white daytime styling and warm blush tones for the evening, in celebration of marriage equality in Australia.

Despite being new to being professionally captured, real couple Fiona and Megan shared the most beautiful love filled connection, with plenty of giggles.

The girls looked absolutely stunning with professional hair stylist Kaila from Laa Hair Boutique, creating elegant up styles, and make-up artist Helena Donaldson providing a natural soft romantic look.

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Two gorgeous brides on the wild coast of Cornwall – just dreamy!! Photographer Verity Westcott shared this wonderful story and I’m excited to show it to you!


We met for the first time in Paddington station London in March 2010, after chatting for some time online.
As soon as we met, we were head over heels in love and have been ever since. We can’t imagine life without each other & the love grows stronger every day!!

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Wedding planning advice: 10 Bizarre & unusual wedding entertainment ideas

If you are looking for something more to entertain your guests but have no idea what to do so it’s not boring, definitely read this advice from Joey of Warble Entertainment. They offer a variety of amazing artists and will help you find a perfect one for your big day! (And are one of our amazing suppliers too!)

Get unique. Bring a touch bizarre to your wedding day and create something memorable in an instant.

For a long time now the staple for a wedding has been great music, food and friends. Wedding entertainment however is now branching out to the world of weird, wonderful and wow. It is now entirely possible (and incredibly easy!) to bring something fun to your big day that guests will have never seen before.

Check out these 10 creative wedding entertainment ideas for your big day.


This is one of our favourite ideas and is always something to be remembered. Whether it’s Gordon Ramsay, Jack Sparrow or Del Boy, these celebrity characters are sure to create a stir at your wedding.

Jack Sparrow Lookalike

Mirror People

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… let your entertainment shine with these eye catching performers. They will cast spectacular reflections whilst dancing and mingling with your guests.

Mirror People

Paparazzi Photographers

You’re supposed to feel special on your wedding day, but why not feel like an actual celebrity on the red carpet? You can hire your very own Paparazzi Photographers to snap those lucrative shots as your guests enter the room.

Paparazzi Entertainers

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Today we have a very stylish wedding in Glasgow. Tracy and Linda were photographed by the fantastic Jo Donaldson Photography (one of our fab suppliers!!)


We both strongly believe that it is in your moments of decision making that you create your destiny. It is by the decisions that we made throughout our lives that our paths crossed initially in 1999 when, after one too many vodkas in the Polo Lounge led to Linda feeling bold, she asked Tracy if she could buy her a drink. After dating for a few months our lives took us in different directions. Our paths then crossed again in 2013 while Linda was living in Australia (and Tracy’s Facebook stalking really took hold). On Linda’s return from Australia in August 2015 they finally met up again in person and it was clear we were meant to be.

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Hope you’re enjoying the wonderful summer! Todays shoot is a little bit different than most of the engagement shoots. As Laura couldn’t join Andy and Adam for their big day, she had an idea to pull all the stops for the engagement shoot – especially that the location was so amazing. She invited other suppliers, styled the whole thing and photographed it beautifully. 

Read their story and all about the shoot below!


Andy and Adam met on the 23rd Sept 2009, exactly 8 years later they tied the knot, and they disembarked on a honeymoon of a lifetime at the end of May!

Andy and Adam met in a bar. Breaking all the ‘rules’ they moved in with each other after only a month of dating. 4 months in and Buster their puppy completed their romantic whirlwind relationship.

Adam proposed New Years Eve 2012, on a white sandy beach in Thailand. The fireworks had just announced a New Year when Adam got down on one knee. The perfect proposal stopped there… Adam had borrowed the ring from a friends past relative and lost it almost straight away in the sand… 2 hours of searching went by (Andy disapproving!) and finally the ring was found!

Adam and Andy made their way into a small town to have personalised rings made to remember the time away.

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Today we have another cool city wedding – this time in Manchester. Beverley and Charlie’s day was photographed by Marcia’s Wedding Photography.


Well, it’s a great one! We met at our annual Pride Breakfast that happens before Manchester Pride. I am the sister of one of Charlie’s friends, it was a warm sunny day, we spent the weekend together and then I travelled back home. After a number of years talking and becoming friends I travelled to Manchester to surprise Charlie on her birthday and well…the rest is history!

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I’ve been obsessing over House of Ollichon‘s wedding jumpsuits on Instagram for ages! Their outfits are perfect for modern brides who don’t care much about traditions and want to do something other than a big white dress and still look gorgeous and sophisticated. I’m so excited to be sharing with you their advice on picking an alternative wedding outfit perfect for your figure. 

The majority of our appointments start with brides telling me ‘I’m just not a fan of the big dress’, ‘I just want to feel like myself’ or ‘I’m a jeans and trainers kind of girl’. Although bridal trends have come a long way in recent years, we’re still scarred by the stereotypical expectation to wear a big white meringue!

Two-pieces have been hot for a couple of years but we have really seen the jumpsuit take off in the last six months which, obviously we are thrilled about! I feel like finally, brides to be are proud to break the mould and be themselves.

Our mantra at House of Ollichon is ‘Be a special version of your normal self’. That’s all our brides want!

We are honoured to have lots of same-sex couples come to House of Ollichon, it’s such fun to style a couple together and it’s the biggest honour as a designer to dress both brides. It’s crucial for couples to be on the same page when it comes to what level of bridal they go for. Our clients often end up going for one jumpsuit and one two piece between them, they’re matching but not the same and there’s no guessing game on who wears the dress and who wears the suit!

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Today’s wedding is truly a DYI event – even the flowers were grown by one of the grooms! They made sure their big day was as personal as possible and fun for their guests. It was photographed and shared with us by their photographer Linus Moran.


We met online. Things didn’t go to plan with the first few times we tried to meet. Rob cancelled at the last minute on the first few occasions due to work commitments but eventually managed to meet on the third attempt. Steve moved to Yeovil and moved in with Rob not long after meeting.

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STYLED SHOOT: Tropical wedding in Tenerife

Among palm trees, flowers and fruit, this gorgeous wedding editorial shoot was planned by Dorelis Padrón Weddings & Events and captured by award-winning photographer Juanmi Alemany. Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, has warm weather, lush vegetation and cultural bonds with countries such as Venezuela and Cuba, all of which make the island an ideal place for a tropical-themed wedding.

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Wedding planning advice: Wedding stationery guide

Claire from the printing company Lost Heritage wrote a fantastic piece about all the ways you can use stationery for your wedding and included some really good tips that will help you in the planning process. 

Congrats on being newly engaged! Hope the wedding planning is going well, so much to think of hey! 

Well, even if you say you are having a small do or you are totally going all out there is so much choice out there it can get a little overwhelming. 

Hopefully to make life a little simpler we have put together a little guide about wedding stationery and what it means. You don’t have to send or have all of these for your big day but if you can’t go all out when getting hitched when can you hey?! 

It’s your day so my advice is to incorporate you and your partners style into the design. A theme is essential and helps hugely as you have a intention and outline for all the bits and pieces needed. 


SAVE THE DATES – This is essentially a pre-invitation – you are asking people to reserve this date and not to make any other plans. It is sent to guests pretty much as soon as a wedding date is set. You don’t have to include any other information apart from the actual wedding date but really thats up to you- sometimes people may put a vague idea of location but that’s usually only if you are getting married aboard or you think guests may need to make special travel arrangements in advance. 

DAY INVITES – These are the main invitations for guests who will be attending the full day- typically some sort of wedding ceremony and then wedding breakfast and or reception. Obviously every wedding is different but usually the day invites indicate that the guest or guests are there from the beginning till the end of the event. Essential information included would be date, location/locations and times. Other information added usually depends on the type of wedding you are having and/or the budget. For example if you are on a limited budget you may want to fit extra bits of instructions on the main part to save on cost – however beware as you don’t want the page to look too cluttered. Your stationer/designer are always happy to advice on this though. 

RECEPTION/EVENING INVITES – This is usually in the same style as the day invites but just with a change of time and location (if applicable). Typically given to guests who are just attending the evening celebrations. A little handy tip: send out your day invites before your evening ones. That way you can see if you receive any regrets and upgrade some of the evening guests to day guest if needed!  

RSVP’S – This card is basically your way of asking a potential guest to “please response”. It is essential to know how many guests will be coming to your wedding as a lot of planning and time is spend on table plans, seats, meals etc. The RSVP can also be a way of getting extra information from your guests if you feel this is necessary (such as food allergies/preferences) Some couples even ask for people to include a song of their choice on a RSVP. 

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