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San Diego Gay Wedding - gay wedding blog

This elegant wedding was sent to us by the Thomas Bui Lifestyle wedding planning team. This is what the said about the day.

Christian Ridge and Robb Sullivan were married on June 13th of 2015, which also happened to be Robb’s birthday. Robb said marrying Christian was the best birthday gift he ever received.

Christian is originally from England and moved to the States when he was eight years old, Robb is originally from Arkansas and they met four years ago on a cold January night at local bar in San Diego. They have been together since and haven’t looked back.

San Diego Gay Wedding San Diego Gay Wedding San Diego Gay Wedding San Diego Gay Wedding - gay wedding blog San Diego Gay Wedding - gay wedding blog

Christian proposed to Robb while on a trip to England to visit his grandmother. They drove up to Edinburgh Scotland for a weekend getaway, or at least that’s what Robb thought. Christian had planned all along to propose and had already told his family and even the hotel staff were in on the secret. It was a beautiful weekend that neither will ever forget.

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Wedding planning advice: Making your civil ceremony stand out

Michael Gordon writes and conducts bespoke services for life-cycle ceremonies: weddings, civil partnerships, vow renewals, handfastings, baby-namings etc. He takes pleasure and pride in crafting a unique, bespoke ceremony together with his clients – a ceremony which will be just the way they want it. 

Today he shares some advice on non traditional wedding ceremonies. 

Does the idea of making your civil ceremony stand out appeal to you? When you don’t want a standard, safe ceremony, but one that is memorable and personal?

Yes, a tailor-made service is absolutely possible – although the official, legal ceremony is still compulsory.

What is the normal procedure?

A civil wedding must be legally registered. There are two ways.

1.     You can do it before your ceremony. Book an appointment at your local register office. Just go down (in your jeans!) with two witnesses, and, in a matter of minutes, you will be technically married. Then you can go on to your reception, relaxed in the knowledge that you have done the legal bit. Go out there and enjoy yourselves!

2.     Alternatively, if you are marrying at a venue licensed for weddings, then the registrars will come across and conduct their service.

Either way, their ceremony will be totally non-religious and will be standard for each couple.

Taking things further

However, once you’ve done the legal bit and are at your reception, you can have the ceremony that YOU want. This will be the wedding of your dreams! The wedding that reflects your personalities and beliefs, and which will be everything you want it to be!

No extra paperwork is required. Instead, you’ll be working with a civil celebrant, who’ll give you all the ideas and guidance you need, and will prepare a unique ceremony for you.

How will this be special?

Of course, the venue is down to you, and can be very creative!

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same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog
We are so excited to share with you the first real wedding on this blog!! It was sent to us by fabulous photographer Toni Larsen from New Zealand.
So guys, meet Toni and Laura!
They first met when Toni was hosting a farewell for Laura’s ex girlfriend. After a long (and weird) night out, they ended up catching up literally only once every year following that, until one evening after a few too many bourbons and a few years had passed, their faces collided on a busy city street. Toni then moved herself into Laura’s apartment the week following, and that, was pretty much that.


same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog

same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog same sex wedding new zealand - gay wedding blog Continue Reading


We did it!!

We’re live!!

Not sure really if anyone will read this post but we are totally excited to be starting this blog. We truly believe that there’s room and need for a place like that – full of same sex weddings that are cool and modern and alternative. We aim to stay away from pink colour and unicorns, although we challenge you – show us a really good pink & unicorns wedding and we will publish it proudly!

Wedding industry here in UK is really exciting at the moment with lots of amazing suppliers pushing boundaries and helping couples make their weddings special and their own. It really doesn’t have to be a white dress and cake cutting if someone doesn’t want to do it, karaoke party and a jumpsuit can be as festive and gorgeous way to celebrate a marriage.

And this is what we want to show here – fantastic suppliers who are creative and open and LGBTQ weddings that can inspire more people to  doing it their way and making the most of their wedding day.

So read, look, get inspired and if you were a part of an amazing same sex wedding – share it with us!


With lots of love,

GWB team